The Spiritual Side

Today's world has about an equal proportion of science followers and spiritual/religious believers. Many individuals are intrigued by both of them and often questions the established beliefs. I am one of those individuals. Science provides us with the theories/proofs for everything that is known to us and spirituality gives us the potentialities of everything that is unknown to us. The unknown may or may not be investigated by science in the foreseen future hence spirituality would give, the curious, a hope that one day we might have answers for everything.

Reiki is a spiritual practice through which we can guide individuals towards positivity and happiness. With Reiki, spiritual healing can also be performed for any physical, mental and spiritual injuries. Moreover, with Tarot Card Sessions, individuals can be helped in making clear decisions. Proved or not, I can say statistically that it has helped all my patients in the past.

If you would like to ask me more about the therapy or counseling sessions feel free to Contact Me. I don't charge any fees for these sessions, but I do expect you to donate money/food/service (with proof) to the needy.

Reiki & Tarot Activity

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    Reiki & Tarot Center

  • 20132012

    Reiki III, Usui Reiki Master & International Karunal Reiki Master

  • 20062005

    Reiki I and II Degree Completion